6 Best Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work from the internet and showcasing it as your hard work. This is basically the act of attempting fraud within yourself and with others. When we talk about writing, it is easy but when we talk about creative writing, we are talking about playing with your creative mind and jotting down your ideas on the paper. For some people, it takes time to write a story, blog, and article etc. and for others, it doesn’t take much time. This is because everyone writes on their pace and it depends on how fast and slow their fingers follow their minds.

When we talk about writing, professional ghostwriters come in our minds. We think how excellent their writing skills are to produce such an original content which grabs you in their essence. Their creativity is on the level where they pour the best of their minds and there is 0% plagiarism. You must be wondering how they do that. Let’s talk about tips on avoiding plagiarism.

  1. Pick a topic
    Go surf on the internet and pick a topic you like. It can about anything but what matters is that it grabs your attention. Don’t look at the text under it, just the topic.
  2. Get a piece of paper

After picking a topic for yourself, write down your ideas on the paper in bullet points. Even if you think it is non-sense, don’t stop. Let your mind float on the paper.  You know brainstorming is the most important element.

  1. Make paragraphs
    After making bullet points, turn them into paragraphs. Don’t worry if it seems all messed up, you get confused, and don’t know where you are going. Keep moving forward and organize your paragraphs.
  2. Begin with the work
    After making paragraphs, start with paragraph one. Pour your thoughts and go with the flow. If you stop, don’t worry, read what you have written from the top and you will get more ideas. You can edit and add more text in your paragraph.
  3. Go on the internet
    If you think you are going well and with the flow, go on. If you think you are not, you can simply go on the internet and search for ideas. I am not talking about copying it from the internet rather pick the idea, read and write it in your own words. It would be counted as a plus if you make your own examples.
  4. Proofread
    When you are done with your work, make sure you are fully satisfied with it. Proofread and edit it simultaneously. Sometimes, we think that our work doesn’t need editing but when we make someone else proofread it for us, there comes a billion mistakes and ideas that can be added to our work. Don’t be hesitant and embarrassed of your mistakes, rather be welcoming to criticism. Try to make the best out of your work.

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to build up your imagination strong and read your essay repeatedly so that if you missed something so you can add in it again. Try to dig in some books and explore. Books helps you to be more imaginative and creative.