Benefits of outdoor play for children

Outdoor learning benefits children in a host of ways. Not only does it enable kids to make a real connection with the natural world, but it also helps them understand the concepts of growth and life, make better decisions, boost their fitness and physical development levels and inspire their imagination. Read on to learn more about the various advantages of outdoor play for kids.

Increased focus and social skills

Outdoor learning spaces provide children with a level of freedom they cannot obtain when they are inside. When kids play outside, they can become more focussed, enthusiastic and active. Outdoor play can also improve their attitudes towards learning. Children who play outside feel less inhibited and can be more willing to socialise with others. Studies show that kids can become more aggressive or less sociable when they aren’t granted enough opportunities to play outside. Outdoor activities also give children the chance to escape crowded environments and allow them to learn through movement and sensory experience.

Health benefits of outdoor play

It’s vital that children are given the chance to exercise on a daily basis. The level of activity should be vigorous enough to give their heart and lungs a substantial workout. In fact, the NHS recommends that kids under 5 get at least three hours of exercise each day. Exercise can not only improve heart health but promote muscle building and bone strengthening too. Activities that take place during outdoor play can include climbing, running, digging and swinging. Exercise also promotes good emotional health, enabling children to relax and feel calm. When children play outdoors, they can vital exposure to Vitamin D and can therefore avoid deficiency.

About group play

Group play enables children to appreciate the importance of co-operation and negotiating whilst enjoying the company of their peers. When a child gets the chance to play outside with others, they can discuss their experiences later with their parents and therefore boost their communication and language skills. The resources found in outdoor environments can represent and be used as many other things, stimulating your child’s imagination. Outdoor play also allows your child to improve their mathematical abilities, encouraging them to count, add and subtract items. They can carve out words, numbers and symbols in natural surfaces such as mud, enhancing their literacy skills and boost their vocabulary.

Sensory stimulation

Outdoor learning enables your child to learn so much more about the world. They can gain a greater understanding of subjects such as weather, seasons, nature, sound and many more. During outdoor play, children get the chance to use all their senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. A number of risk-taking opportunities are presented to children as they explore the world, though they are kept safe thanks to the supervision of experienced adult professionals. Another key benefit is the chance to engage in role play and experiment with new ideas. Children may get the chance to choose their own activities during outdoor play, with lengthy sessions enabling them to explore their environment at their own pace. Outdoor activities can also boost resilience and enable them to get to grips with challenging climates.

Heightened independence

As children can create their own outdoor games, they can become more independent and boost their critical thinking as well as their confidence. They can use their experiences to become more adept at problem-solving and work out ways to avoid danger and move items safely. Team-based activities can also help your child appreciate the value of collaboration. Isabello’s is a leading PreSchool Brighton‌. Find out more by completing the form on the website, sending a message to or by calling 07534 701 625.