How to Choose the Best MBA College in Delhi?

MBA is seen as the most obvious choice for students who are serious about pursuing a career in the corporate world, or more particularly in business management. MBA courses have been around for decades, and consistently upgraded to match the new dynamics that define the industry as a whole. However, as a student, when you make up your mind for a career in management and look out for a suitable institute to help you carve a successful career, the sheer choices in terms of number of top rated MBA colleges in India might overwhelm you. Hundreds of thousands graduates face this challenge every single year. Some get lucky and find their way to the top ten MBA colleges in Delhi, while some end up with colleges that they regret getting into for the next 2 years of their MBA studies.

To help you in your journey to select the best MBA School in Delhi, we thought to write down a post that will serve as a guide post so that you can select the MBA College that can help you carve a successful corporate career. In no particular order, here are the top factors that you should look into account while deciding on a particular MBA college or institute.

  • Faculty – Your teachers are going to play a crucial role in shaping you into a well-rounded professional.  And though all top ranked MBA colleges in India try to have the best of faculty members on board, only a few ones in Delhi NCR can claim to have the best combination of faculty members with rich industry and academic exposure.

However, how would you find out about the faculty of an MBA college in Delhi? Well, some of the things that you can do is get on their website. Every college puts their faculty profiles on its website. So that’s where you can read about them. This way you’ll at least have some idea about what all they have done in terms of education, research, etc.

You can also try to speak with the alumni of the top rated MBA colleges in India and see what they have to say about the faculty and rest of the things that make up the institute.

  • Placements – at the end of the day, you are joining a business school to build a highly rewarding career in business management. That’s why it is important that you do some sort of research into the placement history of the institute. Most of the top ranking MBA colleges in India advertise that they offer 100% placements. That’s fine. But you should delve deep and see what sort of placements they offer and the average pay package they offer. You can look at the website of the institute. You can scour through their social media pages. And you can visit the institute in person and speak with its counselors to get the real picture of the placements they offer.

  • Infrastructure and location – though you should focus more on the quality of faculty and placements, it is also important that you pay some attention to the infrastructure and location of the top rated MBA colleges in India. After all, you will be spending and studying 2 full years there. To get the idea about the infra and location, you will have to visit these institutes in person. You can look at their photos posted on their websites and social media sites; however, being there in person will give you a much better idea.

Bonus tip – while making a decision about the top ten MBA institutes in India, it is also a good idea to look at their existing and past rankings. In all likelihood, a better ranked institute will be a better choice. It is also important that the institute and its programs are accredited by universities or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) if it is a PGDM college.