JoinÉcole du Bar de Montréal and master the art of bartending

Bars and pubs are the common workplaces to handle hospitality jobs. Every area certainly has at least one local pub, thus a person working  in this industry will never be out of jobs and will have no difficulty in finding a suitable bartending job.

What career is available?

The common bartender roles now include you to also look for a career so that you enter the highest paid prestigious hotel. For a career as a bartender there is no compulsion, yet having a qualification or experience, does matter. There is a need to also have a decent spoken English level. Every pub or bar has a kitchen and the task includes dishes and washing to be taken fare off and to throw the trash and cleaning, at the low level.

What is behind the bar?

Working behind the bar is being an assistant to a bartender. The responsibility is to maintain the bar and the counter clean and fully stocked. In fact, the assistant’s role is same as an assistant waiter. This means this assistant bar tender does not need a good level of spoken English knowledge like any bartender.  These may include young people who lack experience, but are keen to work as bartenders in the future.

Role of Bartender

A bartender is famous and he serves behind the bar counter to the customers, prepares drinks, spills beer and basic cocktails. Based on the workplace prestige, a bartender may be at any of the local pubs spilling beers or even an excellent artist having the art of creating amazing drink in a 5-star hotel.

Attending an École du Bar de Montréal helps as you get to learn the importance of being and handling the responsibility as a bartender behind the bar. You have practical workshops besides the classroom teaching and this helps a lot. You do not go as an amateur, instead after acquiring certification or course; you know the details of mixing and preparing basic cocktails.

Generally, bartenders initiate form a bartending low end job to high end jobs and these may be in hotels or luxury bars. In fact, the truth is that even experienced bartenders are the one becoming mixologists and this is a technique worth learning.  A simple bartender has knowledge to prepare vodka mixer and a mixologist is skilled to bring in rare cocktails with gorgeous looking toppers. It is entertaining, but experience and a certificate are recommended to be a mixologist.