Study Tips to Ace Class 7 Exams

For students, the guilt of catching up with friends, partying and sleeping late hit them with a retribution with the realisation of dreaded exams being upon them. Hence it is important to effectively manage time before the exam hits you. It is equally important to engage yourself in relaxing activities and keep yourself healthy to prevent stress and anxiety. To help you study efficiently throughout the year, we have listed a few points here in this article.

Divide big concepts into smaller chunks

Instead of taking on huge concepts, study smaller quantities of syllabus every day. For example, the cellular process in biology is a vast topic. So divide it into smaller chunks and face one battle at a time. Quiz yourself often and ask yourself about what you have studied.

Review Repeatedly

Review your notes every day after class because doing so will help you minimise the study time before exams. Studying every day helps the brain to store the information in the long-term memory. Those who cram the day before the exam fails to retain information because the information gets stored in the short term memory of the brain. Besides reviewing the notes every day, refer to resources and practise a wide variety of questions.  One of the best resource available in the market for class 7 students right now is the NCERT solutions for class 7. The solutions provided here is accurate and consist of step by step procedure of the solution.

Take Breaks

The optimal period of continuous study is 2 hours. It is has been seen that information is retained better when one takes breaks. It is important to give the brain some time to absorb new information. Take 20 minutes long break for every 2 hours that you study.

Hope the listed tips help you study efficiently and score better marks. The MYNCERT solutions comprise of solutions for all subjects from class 3 to class 12. Click here to download NCERT Solutions. Lastly, never give up and keep trying! All the Best!