The Importance of Educational Games on the Internet

In the net, there are many portals of games, but how many of these games are educational games or can they contribute something to our children?

Thanks to new technologies, educational games are available anytime and anywhere and become an excellent tool to develop cognitive skills and complement the training and education of children both at school and at home.

A right portal where we can find this type of games from different areas is the Play store. Here our children can learn and review math, English, geography, history, and many more subjects through games such as Games, Numbers and Action, More Pecks, Traveling and Knowing World, Land of Fantasy, Trivia for children and the Game of Worlds.

Each game is made up of different levels that make them suitable for children of different ages, from the smallest to the children 16 years of age approximately which will also equip them before applying for an online high school program.

What do these Games Teach?

Each of these games has an educational purpose, below we summarize what our children will learn through these games:

Land of Fantasy: oriented to the children to learn the basic vocabulary and phonetics of English and to learn to write and pronounce correctly in this language.

More Pecks: specialized in the stimulation of the most critical aspects of cognitive and school development of the youngest of the home such as attention, memory, logic, perception, hearing, language and learning the basic concepts.

Travel and Know the World: This program focuses on the learning of geography and world culture. Children will learn without realizing that there are different societies and that each country has its characteristics and customs. All this will contribute to creating in the child an open and tolerant attitude towards others.

Game of the Worlds: The Game of the Worlds becomes an active coach of the mind, marking challenges of memory, attention, creativity, logic, and skill, with which the child will enjoy and learn by playing.

Games, Numbers, and Action: teaches the assimilation of mathematical and geometric concepts and their practical applications in the child’s everyday environment. Also, abstract thinking and the capacity for logic are enhanced.

Trivial for Children: the game is aimed at children acquiring knowledge of general culture and step, serve as a reinforcement to what they learned at school. They will have to think to remember things that they thought were forgotten, to observe photographs to identify images, and even to reason to decipher problems that have to be solved.