Tips for writing the best college application

College essays are an important aspect of your college application. They tell a story about you that your test scores, GPA and extra-curricular activities cannot tell. A college essay should show who you are as a person. It expresses your personality to the admissions board of your prospective college.

Knowing what to write and what not to in your college application can determine if you will be admitted into the school of your dreams or not. Your essay should be tailored such that it will stand out among the masses. It should portray an image of someone who is not like the rest.

How can this be done?

  1. Know what your college wants

Different colleges look for different types of individuals. For ivy league schools, its mostly someone with an innovative mind. For others, it is someone with a pure raw talent and for others, it’s the passion and will to study.

Do some background research, crawl the web, speak with students who are already enrolled in the college you wish to attend. Get some things that your prospective college might appreciate in your college essay and you will be much closer to that dream school.

  1. Be as concise as possible

The admissions officers of colleges receive tens of thousands of applications in a year. Getting through that barrage of college essays can be a quite daunting task for anyone. Most colleges recommend an essay of at least 250 words but specify no upper limit. It is wiser to write at most 500 words in your application. This significantly reduces the amount of words your admissions officer will have to read and increases the chances of your paper being read and considered.

  1. Be yourself

This cannot be emphasized enough – Be yourself, be honest. SAT scores and your high school GPA cannot tell what kind of person you are. This is why the college essay is important. It should be used as an avenue to add more about yourself and what you consider important to you. Being honest and truthful shows strength of character that all institutions admire and will go a long way in making sure your application is considered.

  1. Show passion

Admission into a college is not based purely on merit and academic performance. You might have an average SAT score but still get admitted while a near-perfect SAT score is left on the sidelines. This distinction is brought about by passion.

Showing passion in the field you intend to study is a great addition and speaks volumes about you. Passion in the computer science can be expressed by including a description of that automatic irrigation project you built some time back. Nothing says passion than including an innovative idea related to the major you intend to take in your application.

  1. Portray a likeable image

Colleges view their student community as a family. Portraying yourself as a team player and a sociable person shows that you are likeable and increases the chances of your getting admitted. Coming off as an anti-social lone wolf will only hurt your chances of getting into your dream school.

Before you turn in your application

Make sure your paper is grammatically correct and includes no logical or typographical errors. Have your teacher, parent or older sibling proofread your essay as they might be able to see some mistakes that you might have overlooked. Tie up loose ends. Make sure your name is everywhere it should be. Include contact details and documents to support your academic qualifications and any other required documents.

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