Top 10 apartment hunting tips for beginners

Going to college is a super experience for the beginners. As you enter a new world of education, it carries along so many other experiences of life like meeting new people with the multicultural multi-country background. Well for many it sounds stepping into adulthood full of fun and liberty but in reality, it brings with it some scary challenges too as you move away from your home for the first time.  Taking the right decision in some challenges like finding good accommodation in Quad can help you throughout your stay in the university making your living comfortable.

Following are some of the tips given to find the best apartments in Quad near York University.

  1.    Look for a vacant apartment:

If you move instantly for the accommodation as soon as you get the admission in the York University, you can land in finding a vacant apartment in places like at Quad with a good deal.

  1.    Always take your family member or a friend for apartment hunting:

Taking a family member or a trusted friend to find an apartment is always a good idea. Finalization of an apartment in Quad requires thinking. A family member or a friend can give you some great suggestions.

  1.    Always search for an apartment in rains:

Majority of aspiring tenants don’t move out in search of accommodation when it is raining and that is the right time when you can have a deal at lower rates.

  1.    Check the washrooms and kitchen fittings:

This is a very important aspect as the condition of washroom and kitchen fittings tells the condition of the apartment.

  1.    Ask about the smoking policies:

If you a non-smoker then this becomes extremely crucial. If your neighbors are smoking, then you will end up having an uncomfortable stay.

  1.    Check out the neighboring property:

This tells you the environment in which you will be living. If the neighbor’s yard, streets etc are clean then definitely, it adds up to the value.

  1.    Stay away from apartments that are above a restaurant:

Though it sounds too much convenient, to stay just above the restaurant as you don’t have just move around for food. A restaurant is the creator of pests making the place dirty. Also, such places are always noisy because of the crowd.

  1.    Check out the newspaper classifieds:

Still, some of the senior citizens still prefer to post their advertisements in newspapers only for housing at Quad. These are very good deals not to be missed.

  1.    Don’t ignore advertisements without photos and reviews

Instead of ignoring the advertisements of housing accommodation with no photos, one good idea is to check from the owner and request for photos. Look what other people have to say for the place.

  1.    Visit the apartment building at night

Visiting a place at night gives you the idea things work out, the parking situation, noise level and security etc.