What is Windows Server 2016 And Why Do Companies Love It

Windows Server 2016 is one of the most popular server operating systems in the world. It is used by companies small and large that want to run some type of networked applications. Businesses that rely on their networks to communicate within the company, talk with clients, reach out to customers and perform analysis will use Windows Server 2016 to run the relevant applications.

Windows Server Containers

There are two major containers that can run on Server 2016. These are the Windows Server Containers and the Hyper-V Containers. Both are isolated from each other, but can run simultaneously on the same operating system.

Windows Server and the containers that it runs can be used for many purposes. Companies use Server because they are attempting to run enterprise-level management programs. They also use it for storing data, running other applications and communicating securely within the company.

Implementing and Maintaining Server 2016

Because of the complex nature of Windows Server and the many applications that could be running on it for a company, it does require dedicated personnel to manage. Smaller businesses will turn to outside IT support companies, while a major company will have its own IT personnel who are tasked with management and troubleshooting.

And those individuals who are hoping to work with Server 2016 have to ensure they have the proper certification. Companies need to know the employees they are putting in charge of Server 2016 have experience in running it. And the best way to prove experience and knowledge is to show that you have the necessary certification.

The 70-742 – Identity with Windows Server 2016 Exam

One of the most prominent exams that must be passed to work with Server 2016 is the 70-742 exam. With the 70-742, you are being tested on criteria that includes installing and configuring AD DS, managing AD DS, creating and managing group policies, and implementing AD CS.

These are skills that you must possess if you want to ace the exam. And the best way to get those skills is to take an online course that will focus on Windows Server 2016. You will be able to quickly understand the topics that are being tested.

Final Test Preparations

If you are in your last two weeks ahead of the big test, you will be in a position where you can figure out your last moves. And those should include leveraging real test questions from the most recent version of the exam.

You will be able to visit a site like CertLibrary, where you can get both free and premium access to the test materials that you need. You can find more than 100 real questions from the most recent version of the test. You can take these questions on the site, while you can even arrange them into a practice test.

Using past test questions is the only way to ensure that you are fully prepared ahead of the test. Now you are aware of the topics being tested, along with the way the questions will be worded.